Winter Arts Celebration at the Miramare Creative Arts Center

The Summit School at Nyack hosts its Winter Concert & Winter Expo on campus each year as a way to celebrate as a community and come together for a good cause.

It’s always an exciting time of year when the work students have been doing all Fall is displayed and shared with the community in the Art Center’s Miramare Gallery. The Winter Concert also adds to the festivities as well as students decorating for the Arts events to add warmth to the season. Upper Nyack, Summit, the Art Center, the Hudson River – all combine to make such a beautiful setting. The Creative Arts team is continually seeking ways to celebrate and add to that beauty.

Throughout the month leading up to the Winter Arts events, a food drive is held where students and staff are invited to bring in donations in support of those in need. Before the donations leave campus, they are used to create one of the most beautiful pieces of art featured during the expo – a Christmas tree. This year’s Jam If You Can Food Drive helped collect food donations for two local organizations – Nyack Soup Angels and Nyack Homeless Project.

The food drive has continued to be a remarkable success and shows how generous our students can be. Fitting perfectly in the month of December’s Be Campaign theme of generosity, students continue to exceed expectations.

The Be Campaign brings together Summit staff & students in various ways throughout the year to both reflect on and reflect to each other qualities that are considered important tools for personal wellness, happiness and success.

“I think it showed that many of these qualities (like Generosity) are often already present/lying dormant in our students and that giving an outlet and structure (like the Be Campaign) provides a way to let them shine”, says Maryanne Lombardo.

The work that goes on display during the expo presents a unique learning experience for students, especially when this type of exhibit feels outside of their comfort zone. Luckily Summit students have the support they need to prepare themselves for experiences like this and beyond.

When we asked Ceramics Teacher, Charlie Mannino, what he hopes his students take with them upon graduating from Summit School he said, “I would hope that they would remember that they can express themselves through the things that they create, and that it is OK to enjoy the simple act of creating without being overly self-critical.”

Maryanne adds, “Remember the difference between Process and Product. Your life is always a work in progress and the bravery it takes to explore, express and experiment will ultimately serve you far better than a perfectly executed painting! Have goals and work towards them, but always be open to Change – and don’t forget to appreciate the ‘little things’ – the daily small steps forward, the conversations and kindnesses…that is the truly awesome stuff in every season!”