The Miramare Creative Arts Center at the Summit School at Nyack focuses on the arts as a means of growth and self-expression. The Creative Arts program, led by a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed teacher, seeks to enrich the development of our students by making connections to the arts an integral part of each student’s education and experience at Summit. The Miramare Creative Arts Center provides a space that is both open and intimate, where students can come together to collaborate, or work alone at a drawing table overlooking the Hudson River. It is a space that is flexible in its purposes, but is always focused on the therapeutic goal of fostering inclusion, communication, and understanding.

A Wide Variety of Courses to Choose From

Courses offered through the Creative Arts Center include Studio Art, Music, Computers, Ceramics, and Digital Photography. They are credit-bearing courses that provide an outlet for self-expression during the academic school day.

Student exhibits and performances happen at several points during the year. While student’s abilities and interests in the arts vary, they report a sense of pride in seeing their work on display in this important setting on campus.

I am extremely fortunate to have found a path that allows me to combine my interests in art, psychology, the creative process and adolescence in a way that is – at various times – challenging, fun and enlightening. No day, year, student or work of art is ever the same! What is consistent is the growth that takes place over time – and the support that Summit’s entire staff provides to our students and to one another, including the Creative Arts Team.

Maryanne Lombardo

Creative Arts Coordinator at Summit School at Nyack

Our students come to Summit with such a broad range of personal and educational backgrounds but all of them come in the midst of dealing with very significant struggles. Our teachers and staff do amazing work getting students prepared for life after graduation in the classroom, with job training, engaging in activities and being a community member – but I believe the most consistent preparation we provide each of our students is a foundation of acceptance, patience, being valued, given structure, and the constant reminder that growth and change take time, space and support. If they take that understanding with them, they are on an excellent path!

Our music program at Summit is incredibly vital for our students. It teaches them to be mindful of life’s fundamentals…It teaches them focus, self esteem and creativity. And most importantly, Our music program teaches them to be GOOD LISTENERS & COMMUNICATORS. These are thee life skills that are invaluable for not only our Summit students but for all of us!!

Mike Siegel

Musical Director at Summit School at Nyack