Fostering Participation and Confidence

Many students come to the Summit School at Nyack after long periods of unsuccessful school and social experiences. We believe that teaching students how to recreate in socially appropriate and productive ways is key to helping them gain confidence and independence. For that reason, we have created a dynamic and exciting recreational program designed for students to have fun and learn at the same time.

By offering a recreation program with something for everyone, we provide a comfortable space for every member of the Summit community so that students feel safe to take risks without fear of ridicule or embarrassment regardless of skill or experience.

Our Programs

The recreation program is constantly evolving to meet the interests of the student body and to keep programs fresh. We consider the social isolation and anxiety many of our students have experienced and strive to create activities that feel safe, comfortable and nonjudgmental. Each school day afternoon features a multitude of on and off campus activities.

On Campus


Having the Miramare Arts Center on campus allows our students to immerse themselves into their artistic experiences – whether they enjoy painting, drawing or they like to get their hands dirty and create ceramics.


We offer students a variety of games to choose from including tons of board games, Ping Pong, Billiards and our new Video Game Room.

News Clubs

Students are offered the chance to get familiar with some real world production equipment to help share what’s going on around campus.


Inside of our gym, students are encouraged to learn how to keep moving. Guided by our trained staff, students can burn off energy on our cardio equipment or find motivation lifting weights.


We have 2 full indoor and outdoor basketball courts and an outdoor baseball/softball field.


Book Club is the perfect chance for students to share their perspectives among their peers in content that’s not homework! We have the perfect campus for reading.

Looking for some lighthearted fun? Find out how our kids have become obsessed with playing Bingo on Monday afternoons. Despite any initial hesitations about the game being for older folks, the kids have embraced the challenge and have become fiercely competitive. Watch the video to see how this classic game has become a source of excitement and entertainment for these young bingo enthusiasts!

Off Campus

Historical Sites

Amusement Parks

Sporting Events


Broadway Shows

Nature Walks