Life After Summit School

Transition Planning & Work-Based Learning

The Transition Coordinator at the Summit School performs a variety of duties providing services to students preparing for life after graduation. These services include administering age appropriate transition and post-secondary planning assessments throughout the year. These assessments help students in developing post-secondary goals related to needs, interests, strengths and skills. The results of these assessments also help inform a student’s IEP and serve as a springboard for students’ research on career, vocational and/or college and independent living options.

The Summit Work-Based Learning program is designed to give students the opportunity to develop and strengthen “soft skills” for job readiness, as well as foster goal-setting and self-determination. Examples of important soft-skills include self-management, communication, problem solving and team-work. Our Transition Coordinator is continually building and maintaining relationships with employers and community organizations, coordinating both on-and off-campus work-based learning opportunities for our students.

Through developing and sustaining collaborative relationships with school staff, families, and community, our Transition Coordinator helps to ensure that students and families have access to available services and knowledge of appropriate resources post-high school.

Assessing and evaluating student’s needs, preferences, strengths, and skills

Identifying each student’s realistic post-secondary goals

Participating in IEP development

Developing relationships through community based work experiences

Creating internship experiences

Aiding in the creation of resumes

Judy Harrington

Transition Coordinator & Vocational Counselor

“I am passionate about helping students realize their potential. Each journey is unique and this is what makes my job fun and rewarding.”

Life After Graduation

The Summit School at Nyack maintains an ongoing commitment to cultivating job readiness skills, providing effective transition planning, and supplying preparation for post-school employment for all of our students. Through the years, we have found that many students enter Summit lacking many of the essential tools necessary in today’s modern work world.