Day & Residential Programs

The Summit School at Nyack has two distinct but integrated programs, day and residential. While day and residential students attend the same classes and have similar schedules and support throughout the school day, each program has its own referral and admissions processes. Students are referred to the day or residential program by their home school district CSE in accordance with the level of structure and supervision that the student requires. While day students leave campus at the end of the school day, students in the residential program continue structured programming.

A Safe & Supportive Community

Our students have struggled to succeed in more traditional school settings and need an individualized approach to help them feel confident and comfortable as they embark on this next chapter in their lives. While some of our students’ needs can be met within the day program, others require a more wrap-around approach. Our residential students continue to need a therapeutic milieu during non-school hours and benefit from structured activities, a built-in structure to non-school hours, and support to navigate their social worlds.

A Place to Unplug

The ascent from childhood to adulthood is riddled with challenges. To students with social and emotional difficulties, the potential pitfalls may seem impossible to overcome. These students deserve the support of a specialized school and community to offer comfort, instill confidence, and deliver consistent support during these difficult times.

"I would tell parents to expect for me to never give up on their child. They should expect a leader who will ensure that their child will receive the best experience possible while at Summit."

Tiffany Reid - Director of Residential Programming