At the Summit School at Nyack, our Guidance Counselor works closely with each student’s local school district to create a transcript that documents credits earned prior to their arrival and during their tenure within the program. Careful attention is paid to ensure students are receiving credits towards meeting graduation requirements as many students have attended a variety of school programs before their admission to Summit. At the Summit School at Nyack, we pride ourselves on offering an individualized and personalized approach to education; students are encouraged to explore their unique learning styles so that school and guidance staff can collaborate to ensure student needs are being met.

Summit’s Guidance Counselor also leads the team of professionals who will help each student prepare for life after graduation. We look to enable students to have the greatest number of options when postgraduate plans are considered. Summit students work with their families, clinical staff, teachers, and transition team to ascertain suitable colleges, vocational training programs, and/or supportive housing opportunities. With the direction of the Summit Guidance Counselor students prepare for and take PSATs, SATs, ACTs and other college entrance exams, with the appropriate testing accommodations approved by The College Board.