Referral Process

Students are referred to us by their local school districts’ Committees on Special Education (CSE). When making a referral, school districts let the admissions team know if the day or residential program is being applied to. Information typically sent by a school district will include psychological and educational evaluations, psychiatric and psychosocial assessments, and a medical history.


An on-campus interview will be offered to students and their families who the admissions team feels could be a good fit for our programs. The prospective student and their family will be able to tour the campus to get a feel for student life, what the different settings within the campus look like, and experience a day at Summit.

Admissions Timeline

The admissions team tries to have a determination of appropriateness to the student, family and CSE within one week of the interview. The student’s day of admission is determined with the school district, following a meeting to finalize the specifics of the student’s program at Summit.