The Summit School at Nyack’s academic program is centered in a state of the art school building, equipped with SmartBoards, modern technology, and bright and comfortable classrooms. Our school staff consists of New York State certified special education teachers, content area teachers, teaching assistants and related service providers including social workers, occupational therapists, a school psychologist and a speech and language pathologist. Summit’s 12:1:1 classroom ratio allows for academic support in small and personalized classes.

The school staff and the administration encourage students to challenge themselves with a course of study most appropriate to their capabilities. We offer both a college preparatory Regents level course of study and a remedial program. All students are exposed to the New York State general education curriculum and Common Core learning standards within an individualized special education program. Summit students are provided with significant support services aimed at ameliorating both academic deficits and emotional issues. Skilled and experienced teachers help our students to access this rigorous curriculum with accommodations, modifications, and differentiation in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Throughout the year, students are prepared for Regents and Common Core examinations and are availed the Safety Net options designed by the New York State Education Department for students with disabilities. Students at Summit graduate with a New York State Advanced Regents, Regents, or Local Diploma and/or a Career Development and Occupational Students (CDOS) Commencement Credential, all of which are issued by their home school district.

“It wasn’t until I started working at Summit School, in my early twenties, that I truly was able to see just how important it is to keep your mental health in check.”

Amelia Bainton

English Department Team Leader

Interested in learning how a smaller ratio of students enables our team really help students when they are struggling?