The Middle School program provides a small, nurturing environment for students in 6th – 8th grades. With a similar profile of the students in our high school, our middle school students have social-emotional difficulties that have impacted their day-to-day functioning. Given their developmental level we provide additional layers of structure, supervision, and support to make sure their social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs are met.

In some ways the middle school is a community unto itself at Summit. In a state of the art building separate from the high school, students and staff work closely to become engaged in the learning process while preparing themselves for high school.

Students in the middle school follow the RISE program, a variation of the high school’s WISE program. In RISE, students are expected to be Responsible, Involved, Safe, and Ever Respectful. With their points they are able to earn prizes, such as lunch with a favorite teacher or a homework free night.

While following the New York State Common Core Curriculum, our students receive instruction in classes with a student to staff ratio of 8:1:1. Emphasis is put on presenting materials in different ways to cater to the various learning styles of the class. Through project based learning and group work, students learn to work cooperatively to reach their academic potential.

The teaching staff of the middle school places a major emphasis on the concept of the growth mindset, in both how they approach teaching students and how they encourage students to think about their own learning. For students that have struggled in different school settings, it is imperative that they start seeing themselves as capable so they can persevere through the challenges that young adolescents face. A major goal of our middle school program is for students to have a more positive attitude towards learning.