Meet Kevin Kugler, an imaginative history teacher at The Summit School, who is breaking the mold of traditional education with his unique and engaging class, “The History & Impact of Gaming.” From physical games to modern-day electronic games, Kevin’s class explores the evolution of gaming and its social impact. Through his innovative teaching methods, students not only develop valuable critical thinking and writing skills, but they also have a blast playing games and learning about their history. Join Kevin on a journey through the world of gaming and discover the power of incorporating students’ interests and passions into education.

When Kugler first pitched the idea for a video game class, he didn’t think it would actually come to fruition. But to his surprise, the school administration gave him the green light, and the class has been a hit ever since. Kugler’s love for teaching was reinvigorated, and he found himself digging into textbooks to learn about the history of gaming himself.

The class starts by exploring physical games like Jax and slowly progresses through the decades, reaching modern-day gaming. The students not only play games but also develop valuable social and writing skills as they review and analyze the social impact of gaming. It’s not just about fun and games; it’s about developing critical thinking skills and understanding the role that gaming plays in our society.

Kugler believes that incorporating his interests and life experiences into his lessons incentivizes students to connect with the material. By associating what they’re learning with something they already know and recognize, students feel a sense of connection and can more easily relate to the subject matter.

And it’s not just the students who are benefiting from Kugler’s class. His quality of life has also improved since he’s able to teach what he loves. Kugler credits the support of his administration for allowing him to pursue his passion and create a safe learning environment for his students.

Kugler’s class is a testament to the power of breaking away from traditional education and embracing innovative teaching methods that incorporate students’ interests and passions. With Kugler’s course, students are not only learning about the history and impact of gaming, but they’re also developing skills that will benefit them in all areas of their lives. Who knew that playing video games could be so enriching?