The WISE program, which stands for “Where They Belong, Involved, Safe, and Ever-Respectful,” is based on the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports framework. It encourages students to develop good habits, earn points, and engage in activities that promote a positive culture. Students who excel in the program can achieve the highest level of point achievement, called Double Black Diamond, which is “achieved by following the WISE program to a T or as close as they can get to it,” according to Qadeera Seabrooks, School Support Staff.

The WISE program has been instrumental in promoting student success at The Summit School, particularly in the Recreation program. In fact, Tiffany Reed, the Residential Director of Programming, has been leading the charge in elevating the program to new heights. “In order for students to attend a Double Black Diamond event, they must receive 100% of their points for 72 hours,” she stated. This requirement is indicative of the high standards that the school has set for students to achieve Double Black Diamond.

The events that take place every Thursday for Double Black Diamond students only are among the highlights of the program. These events are geared towards giving the students new experiences and helping them to enjoy the freedom that they have earned. Some of the events include going to an arcade, going to laser tag, visiting the American Dream Mall, and going to Nickelodeon Universe theme park. “We wanted to get the kids excited about the rec part and about enjoying the free time that they’ve earned,” said Kathryn Stiso, a member of the Recreation team. “That’s why I try to make it as fun and as interesting as possible for them to be like, cool, I went out, I had fun, I’m back in bed and it was a great day. That’s what I aim for, is for them to have a great day.”

Moreover, points are earned for following specific criteria set up for each aspect of the WISE program. For instance, in the classroom, students earn points for arriving on time, participating fully, being respectful to staff and peers, and acting in a safe and appropriate way. In the residence, points can be earned for maintaining proper hygiene, keeping the living space clean, and acting respectfully towards staff and peers. Double Black Diamond is just one example of the many innovative approaches The Summit School is taking to promote student success and foster a positive culture.