How a Single Carnival Ticket Showcased the Spirit of The Summit School

At our recent annual Springfest on The Summit School campus in Nyack, we were touched by a simple yet powerful act of generosity between two high school students. This moving interaction offered a glimpse into the success of the values we’re nurturing within our community.

These values are the heart of the Be Campaign, which we initiated at the school in 2021. This initiative encourages our staff and students to embrace and share qualities that foster personal wellness, happiness, and success.

Our latest Springfest, more vibrant and engaging than ever, was a testament to these values in action. From the consistent branding of carnival game signs to the strategic layout of each attraction, every element of the event was orchestrated to promote a sense of unity and joy.

One theme of the Be Campaign, generosity, was particularly evident during Springfest. Our students are often presented with opportunities to practice this virtue, but having a dedicated month to focus on it has clearly had a resounding impact.

An Inspiring Exchange

At our carnival, each student is given a set amount of tickets, instilling a sense of responsibility and decision-making.

During one of our games, a beautiful scene unfolded. A student, having missed three attempts to launch rubber chickens into spinning pots, was asked by a teacher if he wanted to try again. Initially agreeable, the student stepped back after being reminded of the ticket cost.

Then, a remarkable act of kindness took place. Another student, eager but out of tickets, approached the game. Without hesitation, the first student offered, “I have a ticket you can use.”

This brief yet impactful exchange served as a powerful demonstration of the effects of our school’s values on our students’ lives. It was a reminder of the special moments of generosity that embody the spirit of our community at The Summit School.